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Tugboat Quo Vadis is home to Marco  and Tamara in Gouda, the Netherlands. She is moored in a harbour that caters specifically for historically important ships. Quo Vadis is 69ft (21m) long and was built in 1940 in Ijsselmonde, the Netherlands, but during the Second World War, while she was still under construction, the German occupying forces claimed her and

The Pelican is a former ocean-going tugboat, and at 100ft (30m) long and 27ft (8.1m) wide is one of the larger vessels in this book. Pelican’s occupants are Lorraine and Simon, their two dogs, Pugsley and George, two cats, Shankley and Paisley and a ferret called Ernie. They have been living aboard for seven years. Pelican was built in 1967 and originally