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Bill and Lee have spent most of their adult years living on boats and floating homes of all shapes and sizes. For 15 years they lived aboard a historically important Albacore tuna fishing vessel working all over the north eastern Pacific and raised four children on it. Their current home is called Another Story and they live in Victoria, British Columbia,

Finlay  uses Sequoia as his home for several months of the year. She is moored at Lough Boderg on the river Shannon in Ireland. He chose to live afloat because he’d always enjoyed being on the water and playing around with boats so he saw it as a natural progression to own a floating home. Sequoia is a purpose-built log cabin

When Heinz  retired he was looking for the perfect waterfront property so he bought an old houseboat on the eastern shore of Lake Union, Seattle, USA. His renovation plans proved a little too ambitious for the existing structure so he commissioned architect Gene Morris of Lagerquist & Morris to design him a new one and International Marine Floatation Systems (IMF)

The owners of this unique floating home both have families with a history of living on boats so when Stuart  and Stephanie  first started looking for a home together, a houseboat was their first choice. Quarry is a beautifully restored and converted 1905 Braby and Son’s Thames lighter – a type of unpowered vessel used to transport cargo on the River

You could say that Wayne knows his floating home inside and out. He ought to, having designed and built it himself twice – a freak plumbing accident burned the place down when it was almost finished first time around. It all started with the outrageous cost of land in the San Francisco Bay area, California. His original plan was to renovate